I’m excited to announce the publication of The Brightness Index. The stories in this short collection take place in Arizona, and they are all as unique and colorful as the place itself. “Just Bring Your Own Food” is about a diner waitress and her struggle to stay employed at a place where she knows she’ll be fired any day. “So She Could See the Color Plue” is the story of a misfit who wants desperately to fit in in the only place on earth where she can see the most magical colors in the sky. “How Doc Holliday Saved Me” is about a college girl’s experience living in a haunted house in Tucson and the pizza delivery guy who saves the day. In “Crazy Ted: A Love Story,” a blond, blue-eyed man from Pennsylvania falls for a young Navajo woman. “Something He Could See Himself In” is the story of a born-again Christian tattoo artist and his quest to find the perfect tattoo.  It will be available for the low price of $0.99 in eBook format from all major online booksellers, including AmazonBarnes & Noble, ItunesKobo.  Also, it’s available in paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $5.99, although it will be reduced to $4.99 on October 1, 2016.